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Mobile recruitment for the Middle East Hospitality & Retail sector.

StaffPlace matches job seekers and vacancies based on the candidate's work experience and the requirements of the job. We minimise the manual administration involved in recruitment and reduce the time of hire for everyone.


We aim to increase the efficiency of recruitment for the high volume recruiting industries such as hospitality and retail. Features include a highly granular level of search for candidates by business function and industry, pre-verified candidates, video introductions, in-app messaging, job matching tool, detailed candidate filtering, and industry community board.

StaffPlace, recruitment made easy.

Only the right job for you.
We understand the pain points of job seekers and employers in the high-volume recruiting industries. With StaffPlace you can register and apply for a job without a CV or the need to read through long job descriptions. We aim to find you a job today.


Hal Miran

— Founder


Find a job today.

We don't believe that jobs in our target industries require traditional CVs and job descriptions. In today’s employment market it’s about speed and accuracy. Job seekers want to be contacted for jobs suitable to them and employers only want to speak with candidates who match their specific job requirements. Doesn't sound so complicated!


David Tannourji

— Chief Customer Officer


It's all about the data.

We only capture the job seeker data that is required by employers. This data captured from selections and drop-down menus allow a granular level of searching. A first in mobile recruitment!


Rich Salt

— Chief Technology Officer

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