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• What is StaffPlace?

StaffPlace is a mobile platform simplifying the way you make your next career move. Our smart application matches you with the best job opportunities, helping you to find a job in less than a few days.

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• How can StaffPlace help me?

We reduce the time to get hired by removing CVs and job descriptions. With no need for CVs, we also help you by creating a profile that is clear and free of errors for employers to quickly view. StaffPlace helps employers to find your profile based on experience level and contact you directly without a middle man. You are only matched to jobs that fit with what you are looking for.

• What kind of jobs will I find on StaffPlace?

All types of service jobs within the hospitality retail industries, such as in hotels, restaurants, malls, stores, entertainment, and tourism.

• Is it free?


• How long does it take to create a profile?

The basic profile takes only a few minutes to complete, but our advice is to take the time to complete your work experience, education, and training sections. This will make your profile stand out and increase your chances of success. Recording a video will also make you much more attractive to potential employers.

• How do I search for jobs on StaffPlace?

Jobs are posted in the newsfeed. Here you can filter by job title, function, date posted, and more.

• Which jobs can I apply for?

Employers define the requirements of their jobs so this can be specific or broad. Our platform will do most of the work for you. We will show you the jobs that fit with what you are looking for.

• How do employers contact me?

They send you a chat message through the app.

• How do I complete my profile?

Simply follow the short steps to add your details, work history, education and tell employers what type of job you would like to be considered for. You can skip any section and return to it at a later stage. Recording a video is also highly recommended and will increase your chances of employers contacting you, which can also be done at any time.

• Why and how should I verify my work history?

By verifying your previous experience you increase your chances of finding the right job by up to 60%. Employers feel much more comfortable contacting candidates who have verified work history. It also saves time in the hiring process by reducing the need to contact previous employers. By asking to verify your previous experience our team sends an email to your previous employers. You then wait until they confirm.

• Do I need a CV?


• Is there a middle man?


• Can I define specifically the jobs I am looking for?


• Why should I record a video?

You have the opportunity to humanise your profile. A short video allows your future employer to see you personally and hear more about who you are. This will increase the chances of an employer seeing your profile and contacting you with a job offer.

• Do you have a guide to record a video introduction?

Record a 1-minute video introduction presenting yourself. Talk about your experience, highlight your strengths, and mention what you are looking for (doesn't have to be specific).

• Why should I refer a friend to jobs?

First, why not give a friend a hand? Second, you receive a referral count which pushes you higher up the search results for employers, so it helps you with your own career success.

• What if I can't find a solution to my problem?

If you can't find what you are looking for here please feel free to contact our team at

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