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Transform your career in the UAE

Of the 9.2 million people living in the United Arab Emirates, roughly 7.8 million are expats. The golden beaches and azure waters are one reason for this; but the UAE’s reputation as a playground for building and developing careers is another. Whether you’re looking to forge a life in banking, teaching, or hospitality, the UAE is likely to have what you’re looking for.

Perhaps more importantly, the UAE features hotels and restaurants that are in a class of their own. Working in one of these can give a burgeoning profile a stand-out edge, whilst also offering invaluable experience in high-end hospitality.

If you’ve ever wondered about using the opportunities of the UAE to develop your skills, read on!


UAE’s retail is a booming market that continues to astonish commentators. The sector is expected to be worth $71 billion within the next three years. It’s, therefore, no surprise that the sector is always on the lookout for career-savvy millennials. There are hundreds of jobs available in UAE retail, many of which are pathway jobs that link to careers in management.

These roles offer big bonuses and transferrable skills in exchange for sociable hours.

Working in UAE retail means learning the designer trade. From fabric to make-up, to gold, to cars, to tech, the clientele has large wallets and likes to spend. Consider this an ideal opportunity to really get to know your trade of choice, or simply to add an enviable postcode to your profile within our app. There’s no namedrop quite as impressive as selling bling to celebrities.


The UAE is an international destination for travellers, whether for business, pleasure, or both. As such, the hospitality industry is booming. Hotels are always on the lookout for staff, especially English-speaking personnel who can take care of the front desk. If your ideal job involves wearing a suit and following protocol, the hospitality industry in the UAE will welcome you into the fold.

With its strict laws regarding activities such as drinking alcohol, much of the UAE’s downtime occurs in the less regulated arena of private hotels. Freed from the rules, these have become vital meeting places for tourists and corporations. Hotels in the UAE pride themselves on offering discrete luxury, meaning that these hospitality jobs are some of the most sought after.


The UAE is known for its exquisite cuisine. Whether the taste is for seafood or local Emirati, the Arabian Gulf is a place of vivid culinary adventures. The area, therefore, offers an abundance of restaurant jobs, and these can be an excellent way to develop credentials in the hospitality industry. With nearly 16,000 restaurants operating in the UAE, there is no shortage of career-building opportunities. Aim for well-known areas, such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Ajman, to find the five-star top-end eateries and the jobs that will make any profile glitter.

The list of celebrity-endorsed eateries is not short. The most famous is At. Mosphere, which has the dual credential of being the most popular restaurant in Dubai and also the world’s tallest. Restaurants such as this have made a name for themselves by catering to wealthy corporate and celebrity clients, and take pride in global renown.

Travel and tourism

A large percentage of the UAE’s economy is in travel and tourism. This is no surprise: the combination of award-winning hotels, high-end restaurants, excellent shopping, and historic landmarks, mean that a trip to the UAE is on many people’s bucket list. The region also cashes in on the UAE’s status as a thriving business centre, with desert safaris, spas, and cruises being popular relaxation activities for visiting executives. Travel and tourism, therefore, offer many opportunities for a wide variety of career development pathways, particularly in the much sought-after hospitality jobs sector.

Bars and clubs

Hotels are the heart of the UAE’s hospitality industry, and it’s here that you’ll find the thriving nightlife of the region. The UAE is no Amsterdam or Benidorm: partying is both discrete and polished. For instance, the Four Season’s Hotel has based its Butcher & Still bar on London’s famously up-market Nightjar. Complete with bespoke gins and cocktails, these venues are ideal for anyone wishing to hone their mixologist talents.

When looking for hospitality jobs, bars and clubs are an excellent place to begin. The work involves developing skills that are highly transferrable, such as being able to manage large groups of people and work demanding hours. The work may be tough at times, but the rewards are high, especially with the 15% tip that most clients leave. The industry is competitive, and the UAE has a reputation for long-serving staff who are doted on by their favoured guests.

Closing thoughts

In an era of competitive job markets, it can sometimes feel difficult to develop a profile that stands out from the status quo. Destinations such as the UAE offer tantalising prospects in upping the game. With restaurants, hotels, and bars that are packed like piñatas with international awards, there is every opportunity to gather formidable experience.

Create a profile on the app today and let’s take your career to the next level together.

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