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The growth of the UAE hospitality industry

The hospitality sector in the UAE has been growing at a rapid rate and there are plenty of indications that such growth will continue. In 2017, estimates suggest that the sector grew by around 5.7%. Predictions suggest that a similar growth rate will be recorded during 2018 as a whole.

A recent research paper, produced by Knight Frank in conjunction with Oxford Economics, puts the sector into great perspective. In the decade to 2017, the contribution of the hospitality sector to overall UAE GDP levels increased by 138%. It’s predicted that, by the year 2026, some 659,000 people will be employed in roles related to this sector.

Those are impressive numbers and they are driven by underlying growth in the number of overseas visitors staying in the UAE. In 2017 as a whole, it’s estimated that there were more than 70.9 million overnight stays by visitors. Projections suggest that there will be more than 113 million overnight stays annually by 2026.

Visitors are being drawn from across the world, creating huge opportunities. For individual employees, there’s the chance to excel in providing a wonderful experience for those attracted to the region.

Looking at each of the states, it’s evident that the huge hotel building program continues at pace. With those estimates of more visitors, there are natural demands to ensure that there are enough rooms to host them. But it’s about more than construction and the provision of buildings: the rising hospitality industry requires employees to fulfill a wide variety of roles.

Every single one of those visitors will want to eat, shop, stay in a clean well organised hotel, and visit local attractions. In order for them to be able to do so, this means that there is a need for those in catering, retail, cleaning, restaurants, and so many more areas.

The hospitality sector provides unique advantages for employees. One of the key advantages is that it’s possible to rise to senior positions from a starting point where your experience may be limited. In junior positions, training is often offered to those without any previous experience, allowing you to work hard and to build your skills on the job.

If you are diligent and prepared to learn, then there’s the chance to move up the career ladder particularly. As the data above suggests, the UAE hospitality sector is projected to move in a positive direction too, ensuring that opportunities are only likely to increase further. Right now is a great time to get into the sector.

We’re able to present a range of roles, to suit your preferences, skills, and experience. Whether you’re interested in becoming a Housekeeper, a Night Manager, or a hotel Receptionist, you’ll find that there’s absolutely no shortage of positions. To make a start, create your online profile today and match it with the right job. The road to your new role or career needn’t be a long one.

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