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Recruitment Challenges for the United Arab Emirates Hospitality Sector

Forecasts predict that tourism will make the United Arab Emirates (UAE) one of the two fastest-growing hospitality markets in the Gulf, along with Qatar. UAE hospitality is predicted to see total revenue of $9.8 billion by 2020, with the much-anticipated six-month-long Dubai Expo 2020 expected to receive 25 million visitors. While this is wonderful news for the UAE hospitality sector, it also highlights the urgency of addressing continuing recruitment challenges and the business opportunities of doing so thanks to new technology.

Does your business also suffer from the UAE-wide problem of high employee turnover?

Employee turnover is rising across the world. It is predicted to rise to 23.4%, up from 20.6% in 2012. But, the UAE has one of the highest rates. according to one report, 31% of UAE employees changed job in 2015, rising to 57% in 2016. For UAE hospitality businesses, the problem of high staff turnover is much more urgent, continuing to take up far too much company time and investment.

The urgent recruitment problems facing the UAE hospitality sector

The high staffing turnover levels affecting the UAE hospitality sector means that hotels and other types of business often have to hire and train new staff. UAE businesses spend AED9.9 billion (US$2.7 billion) per year on recruitment costs alone and the cost of replacing a single employee is, on average, AED15,180 ($4,125).

Here are the most pressing recruitment pain points that the hospitality sector has to manage:

Problem 1. High costs

Recruitment agencies are expensive, but up to now they have represented the least labour-intensive option for companies. It is a way of outsourcing a large part of your recruitment obligations, and so, many busy companies feel that they have no choice but to pay for this option. The alternative is to use job boards, which have lower upfront costs but require much more of your time. From writing job descriptions to collecting and sifting through hundreds or thousands of applications, and from the interview process to reference checking, job boards take a lot of work.

Problem 2. Unsuitable candidate applications

For high-volume hiring industries, vacancies published on job boards usually receive a large number of applications. And frankly, too many unsuitable candidates apply. They don’t meet the essential requirements but they apply anyway. This creates bottlenecks and kills efficiency for your recruitment department, as it has to work through all applications to find the right candidates.

Problem 3. Inability to search all applications for specific information quickly

Recruitment departments may receive hundreds of thousands of applications per vacancy. But to determine which applications meet specific needs, searches for keywords, terms, particular type of experience or other attributes must be carried out individually on each and every application. Additionally, recruiters can’t filter CVs based on experience levels or locate specific information - CVs must be checked manually and individually. This requires a lot of work and delays the recruitment process.

Problem 4: Current processes are slow and laborious

The current recruitment methods, from writing and posting job descriptions, to hiring and liaising with recruitment agencies, and from sifting through streams of CVs to conducting interviews and more, equate to a slow, time-consuming recruitment process. It is about time that the UAE hospitality sector had a fast way of hiring the right candidates for every vacancy, at a low cost.

How StaffPlace solves your recruitment problems

StaffPlace is the new recruitment app for the UAE hospitality industry. It is specifically built to solve the current problems faced by the high-volume hiring industries, delivering savings on your costs and time, and meeting your recruitment needs efficiently and conveniently.

Solution 1: Saving on recruitment costs

Say goodbye to expensive recruitment agencies. StaffPlace uses smart technology to put you in direct contact with candidates that match your requirements only, at a fraction of the cost. Features include one-click candidate shortlisting, 1-minute applicant introductory videos, and instant chat.

Solution 2: Saving time

With StaffPlace, you can say goodbye to CVs, cover letters, long job descriptions, and reference checking. Candidate's profiles are completed via dropdown menus for standardised job titles, employment history, language skills, and more. This provides consistency and allows you to search and filter for specific attributes.

Solution 3: Matching with the right candidates

StaffPlace only connects you with candidates that fully match your job requirements. Candidates who don’t match your requirements are not allowed to apply. It’s that simple, ensuring that you only receive matching applicants. For high-volume hiring roles, this equates to massive time-saving.

How can you find more about StaffPlace?

Our team is on hand and ready to help you take your recruitment strategy to a new level. For a FREE demo get in touch now:

Contact us at

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