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Hire faster in 2018 with 60-second candidate video introductions

Service sectors such as hospitality and retail have constant high volume hiring needs. Businesses such as hotels and restaurant groups as examples must manage the constant need to recruit and train new staff.

The nature of high-volume service industries is that staff regularly come and go, and staffing needs change too with market demand. But hiring at such a large volume is a time-consuming process.

Do first-round interviews drain your recruitment resources?

CVs only give a certain level of information and so, to truly get to know a candidate, employers need to meet them, usually in the form of a first interview. The first interview stage however invariably leads to wasted resources for both the employer and the candidate, as the fit is not right for so many candidates.

Employers spend time and money holding these interviews and candidates spend their own time and money to get to the meeting, often needing to book off a few hours from work to do so.

Getting to know candidate personality, and communication and language skills

Employers ultimately want to know, “Can this person do a good job for us?” If the candidate has suitable experience, they then want to know if they are good communicators if they have a good level of the languages needed, and in general, if they have a personality that fits with the organisation, its culture, and the vacant role.

Up to now, employers have had little choice but to hold long first interview sessions, often seeing dozens of candidates in a single day. And many other companies simply don’t have the time, which often leads to recruiting applicants who aren’t suited to the role.

A more efficient way to recruit service sector staff

Now, there is a simple solution in the form of personalised 60-second introductory videos from job applicants. A short candidate video allows you to see and hear the employee. It gives a much better impression of the candidate’s suitability for your vacancy.

How good is their English (or other languages)?

Are they warm and friendly?

Do they take care of their appearance?

Are they respectful and mannerly?

A short video provides the answers to these questions and more. Introduction videos use technology to make the hiring process more efficient. You no longer have to organise and sit through scores of first interviews with many candidates whom you are not going to be interested in anyway.

And for candidates, making a 60-second video will help match them to the most suitable jobs and save them from going to interviews for jobs to which they aren’t fully suited.

“We knew when designing StaffPlace that time spent on candidate selection through first interviews was time-consuming and costly for employers. And so, we came up with the idea of 60-second introductory videos to solve the problem.”

Hal Miran, founder of StaffPlace

Boost your hiring process with StaffPlace 60-second introductory videos

StaffPlace is the recruitment app for service sector companies who want to hire fast and hire right.

Here’s what you can expect with your StaffPlace app:

  1. 60-second candidate introductory videos, so you can get to know your candidates instantly

  2. Instant chat, allowing you to speak directly to applicants in-app, in real-time

  3. Smart applicant matching, so you receive highly qualified applications only

  4. Uniform candidate profiles, facilitating easy search and filter functions

  5. Reduced time of hire

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