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Creating an impressive 1-minute video CV

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

There are some simple things to consider before recording your video that will help you achieve a much

better result:

  1. Look your best, prepare your self and the environment around you for video shooting. Remove all the objects that might distract the audience. Suggestion: Try placing a lamp or another object such as a plant or table at your side to set the scene without adding clutter.

  2. Take care of the sound, run some initial recordings testing how you sound and if needed bring the camera closer so the sound is clear and loud enough.

  3. Take care of the lighting in the room you are creating the video. It is best to film indoors in a room with plenty of light making sure you don’t have any strong light behind you as it will cast shadows on your face. If for example you have a tabletop lamp position yourself so that the light casts on your face and not on your back. Suggestion: Position a lamp to the right of your face and do a test recording to see how it looks. Adjust it as needed until it’s in the right place.

Things that will make your video look good.

Prepare a small script and read it through several times so you almost know it by heart.

Try the flow like below:

  1. An introduction (~10sec) - Who are you? What is your experience in the role?

  2. Your objectives (~20sec) - What is that you are looking for? What type of role and/or company are you looking to work with? When are you available from and, for how long?

  3. Career experience (~20sec) - Showcase your professional experiences, do you have any career highlights to shortly mention? What skills do you have making you an ideal candidate for the role?

  4. Conclusion (~10sec) - Invite the viewer to take action and get in touch with you.

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