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Build your career in hospitality

The hospitality industry in the United Arab Emirates is widespread, and as such, is among the biggest employers. However, competition is tough, which will require you to work differently if you want to succeed.

Working in the hospitality industry is so much fun, but it also has a few challenges. Be prepared to work long hours around the clock. Also, you'll most likely work on the weekends and during the holidays since they are the busiest times. It takes someone who's selfless, sacrificing in nature, and most importantly always with a smile on their face, to succeed in this industry.

How to Break Into the Hospitality Industry


Hospitality careers are demanding, which means, you'll rarely get time to plan for them effectively. Before you start your hospitality job, be certain of your career curve. Start by identifying your career road-map, set up short and long-term goals, and then take small steps at a time working on your goals.

Understand the Ladder

Most people with successful hospitality careers started out in entry-level positions like technical support, dishwashing, etc. These positions are important as they give you the opportunity to view business from the ground up, as well as build character. Every position offers the experience necessary to get to the top.

Start Networking Effectively

Quality service is the key to a successful hospitality career. And, excellent service can only be achieved through human interaction. While technology has introduced endless networking opportunities, this industry requires you to include offline networking.

Understand the Required Skills

Education, hard work, and training allow you to get work-related skills, and probably get hired. However, in hospitality, it's the soft skill that matters in the long-run. Some of the most important skills in this industry include:

  • Being a team player

  • Ability to multitask

  • Excellent problem-solving skills

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Be decisive

  • Be a people person

  • Have a positive personality

  • Have a winning attitude

Advantages of Having a Career in Hospitality

Competitive Salaries

The hospitality industry in the UAE offers solid salaries with an ample opportunity for a salary increase. The pay scale varies from field to field and also depending on the position. While it's quite difficult to give a precise figure, here's a rough guide to the average monthly pay ranges for popular hospitality jobs:

  • Spa therapist 2,000 AED

  • Head Concierge 4,500 AED

  • Restaurant manager 7,000 AED

  • Sous Chef 7,000 AED

  • Housekeeping Supervisor 2,500 AED

It requires Transferable Skills

Hospitality graduates can easily branch out to other careers. Skills like excellent service, communication, cultural & language skills, critical and creative thinking, and operational skills, are in high demand in other sectors such as technology companies, financial services & banking, public service & NGOs, consumer brands, and much more.

It's Global

Whatever you learn in a restaurant in the UAE typically covers the same basic principles you'd learn in another restaurant around the world. This makes it easy to travel and work in cities across the globe. Plus, you'll find it easier to apply for work permits, jobs, and internships in this industry than in many others.

Cannot be Replaced by Robots

Technology gets better with each passing day. While it has made everything easier, it has also made some people lose their jobs to AI. Hospitality graduates don't have to worry about future job opportunities. There are few chances for hospitality jobs to be replaced by technology because:

  • Machines cannot provide personalized services and handle special needs, which is often required in most hospitality jobs.

  • Robots aren't creative enough to provide personalized, cultural experiences that can satisfy and please human customers.

  • Customer emergencies are common in this field. Managing the unpredictable requires emotional understanding and problem-solving skills that robots don't have.

It's a Creative Industry

Major players in the industry such as hotels, travel companies, and restaurants are constantly looking to offer new experiences, products, and packages. It takes creativity and hard work to get those initiatives working. This gives you endless opportunities to get creative.

Careers in the Hospitality Industry

Most people perceive the hospitality industry as pertaining merely to hotels, which is not true. There are several sectors that fit under the wide umbrella of hospitality, including hotels, restaurants, travel companies, resorts, spas, gyms, casinos, retreats, event management agencies, etc. These sectors offer a wide range of career options such as:

  • Front office management

  • Event planning

  • Catering

  • Cutlery art

  • Venue management

  • Foodservice

  • Health and wellness

  • Hospitality management, including finance, public relations, HR, marketing, hotel openings, and real estate.

  • Consultancy

  • Lifestyle services, and so much more.

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